This category will give recognition to projects that use ICT to make it affordable for person with disabilities (PWDs) to access information and knowledge and participate fully in society. Initiatives that try to identify and understand the needs of persons with specific disabilities (or combinations of disabilities) and undertakes research and development activities for developing technologies or devices to empower these PWDs will also be considered under this category.

This category also seeks to reward projects and innovations that exclusively target women, their need and the causes dear to them and provide solutions that solve issues pertinent to women. The focus will be on projects that specifically highlight the various ways ICT and digital tools can be used to empower women.

All initiatives that use digital tools, applications, and information communication technologies to enhance inclusion of hitherto excluded and marginalised societies and communities will be considered for recognition and encouragement under this category. Projects that showcase exemplary use of technology for the benefit of disadvantaged groups in the community and raises public awareness about digital inclusion will also fall under this category. Projects under this category can also be those applications and initiatives that use ICT tools to work in the language of the users of primarily non-English speaking communities.

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