The core objective of the BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award is giving visibility to the already existing content and thus demonstrating the richness and diversity of digital innovations to those interested in understanding and planning an Information Society. The Award tries to demonstrate the existing range of creativity and excellence in the use of the IT tools and communication networks to every stakeholder in Bangladesh. The ICT tools can be computer, PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets, wireless, radios, televisions, telephones, IVR and other mediums like audio and video, text and social media Etc.

  • To scout, recognise & felicitate best digital practices in ICT & mobile applications serving development & governance needs in Bangladesh
  • To create a pan Bangladesh digital development platform serving as a wider networking, engagement, partnership, & collaborative network among stakeholders from the government, industry, academia, civil society & others
  • To create a Bangladesh digital repository of best practices using ICTs & mobile towards case study building, project replication, learning, experience sharing and publications towards further information dissemination and outreach.


To create an information rich society where everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, race, region, gender etc., is empowered to create, receive, share and utilise information and knowledge through digital content for their economic, social, cultural and political development.