3Suny Md Ashraf Khan more popularly known as SM Ashraf Abir, is the Managing Director & CEO of one of the leading IT company in multimedia area in Bangladesh. Pioneer in mobile application development for local market based on the local needs. Also a specialist in ICT4D, he has successfully exercised his expertise at initial stage of his career in multimedia content development, allowing him to associate with both public-private organizations. In his 10+ journey in IT Industry, he has received national and international recognition including Nokia Create for Millions, Manthan South Asia Award, mBillionth, WSYA. The success of MCC Ltd set him to be an example of a successful leader in the industry. With a vision of making technologies accessible to all, Abir devotes his time not only expanding the business, but also through contributing to niche ‘techno-communities’ such as Mobile Monday Dhaka Chapter, Google Developer Group etc. He has also contributed in policy development around mobile application and gaming sector in Bangladesh and has a greater contribution in capacity building and awareness program implementation across the county. Abir also received the NUFFIC Fellowship in 2007.

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